High Performance Chef Knives

Made to the highest standards of fit and finish, a Patrick Joseph chef knife is among the best available on the market.

Patrick’s knives are known for the sharpness of their cutting edge, the geometry of their design, and the superiority of the materials.

The quality of the steel is critically important and nothing is left to chance; each blade is delicately hand-crafted to be as thin as possible. The knife is first created from raw material and then forged to create its shape. A special hammer is then used to forge and finish as thin an edge as possible for the highest performance blade.

Patrick Joseph offers a selection of knives that perform expertly in the kitchen for different requirements. Alternatively, bespoke chef knives can be commissioned should they be needed for a specific purpose.

Where To Buy

Purchase a High Performance Chef Knife from our Online Shop or commission a knife to meet your own specifications.

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