Chef Knife With Hybrid Wa Silver Handle

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This is my latest design in culinary knives. It is my 405mm /10.5” Damasteel high performance Chef knife. This collection of knives were designed using the Bauhaus design principle, for function over form. By designing the knives using this ideology everything fits beautifully into place. I knew when I created this design I wanted to produce a clean high performance professional Chef knife that ever chef would be proud to have in there collection. I designed the knife after consulting professional Chef John Whelan from the Devils menu a true artist in cuisine. The design was formed following the unique characteristics that a specific knife requires. With this 405mm/10.52 it was critical to get the balance right on the point of the pinch grip. The heal area had to be polished and rounded so as to fit against the fingers like a comfortable ring. The spine had to be polished and rounded to be comfortable to apply pressure with the opposite hand when push though heavy cutting tasks. The tip of the blade had to pinpoint and razor sharp and in line with centre blade for intricate cuts and precise trimming. The belly of the blade had to have a continues curve to allow for a efficient rocking action. The blade is designed to be as thin as possible without risking the integrity of its strength. And the edge using the state of art Damasteel powder metallurgy technology to give a stunning design and scary sharp razor edge.

The Handle was designed using the traditional Japanese Wa style, but I wanted it to be unique and special. I made it ergonomic to the contours of the hand whilst still using the octagonal traditional shape, the centre of the handle was done in a beautiful chatoyant curly Maple. Over 4 ounces of silver are used in the ferrule and pommel to give It that luxurious finish this knife deserves. The silver can be customised and engraved by hand to your own design, or inlayed with gold for that bespoke design.

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