Suminagashi Santoku (General Purpose Knife) Black Limba

Forged Handcrafted Knife


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This beautiful handmade Suminagashi Santoku (general purpose knife) is presented with a stunning Black Limba Handle. Black Limba is one of the most beautiful figured exotic hardwoods in the world. The blade is constructed using the Japanese technique of Suminagashi (floating Ink or ink marbling) giving the outer layer a texture with a San Mai (three layer) Construction. The outer layers of Damascus steel clad either side of the cutting edge (core). The San mai construction, a three layer of laminated steel, folded and forge welded over and over to give the Suminagashi effect. VG10 Steel core gives a high performance razor like sharpness. Easy to sharpen yet tough enough to withstand a professional kitchen environment. Each knife is handmade and finished to an extremely high standard in my forge/studio in Kilkenny Ireland.

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