White River Liong Mah Chef Knives


Liong Mah Design
Introducing the White River / Liong Mah Chef Knife Collaboration.  This exciting new set of White River Chef Knives is designed to be your go-to knives for food prep. Liong Mah is a renowned knife designer that combines aesthetically pleasing geometry and materials with functionality.  As a former full-time chef in New York City, Liong knows the importance of having the right cutlery for the job.  Liong used this experience as well as 19 years of knife design to develop these beautiful and functional knives.
The Liong Mah Chef Knife is just the right size for chopping and carving.  It feels like and extension of the arm with a modern twist on a traditional Japanese octagonal handle shape that tapers toward the blade.  This provides a comfortable hold when chopping and pivoting the knife vertically.  The Liong Mah Utility Knife is the smaller counterpart and just as useful for smaller more delicate tasks.  Most users find this is the perfect size for fine slicing and light chopping as well as paring.  Made with CPM S35VN steel for excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.  Available individually or in a set.  Comes in a custom made wooden box (Does not include a sheath).  As with all White River Knives, these are Made in the USA and Guaranteed for Life.
Liong Mah Chef Knife
Weight: 6.2 oz.
Blade Length: 7″
Overall Length: 12″
Blade Thickness: .095″
Steel: CPM S35VN
Hardness: Rc. 58-60
Liong Mah Utility Knife
Weight: 3.8 oz.
Blade Length: 4.75″
Overall Length: 9.12″
Blade Thickness: .095″
Steel: CPM S35VN
Hardness: Rc. 58-60

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