High Quality Outdoor Pursuits

Patrick Joseph’s high performance field tools for outdoor pursuits are sought after by outdoor enthusiasts for their incredible functionality and aesthetics.

Field tools must be fit for purpose if they are to perform in the field. They must feature a razor-sharp cutting edge that is reliable in the field and won’t contaminate the meat. An extremely sharp blade will also ensure there is very little waste. Patrick crafts from raw material before forging to create its intended shape. A forging hammer is then used to finish and achieve the sharpest edge possible.

Everyone’s hand is different and for optimal performance, it needs to fit snugly in its owner’s hand. Patrick can custom design and craft for made-to-measure personal and reliable field tools.

A variety of materials are available for handles from polymers, wood and other organic material, to intricately patterned leather for a unique design and look.

Where To Buy

Purchase a High Quality Field Tool from our Online Shop or commission a knife to meet your own specifications.

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