About Patrick Joseph

Patrick Joseph wasn’t always an internationally acclaimed Master Craftsman; it was a serious road accident and life-changing injury that led him to discover making.

During his rehabilitation, craft was introduced as a component of Patrick’s therapy. With an interest in the martial arts, he quickly took to leather work followed by knife making. His new craft returned Patrick’s confidence and allowed him to feel good about the contribution he could make to his community. It was upon these foundations that an inspiring career in craft making would begin.

As Patrick grew stronger, he set up a dedicated forge and workshop and committed to learning as much as he could about the craft of knife making. Part of this journey led him to the United States where world renowned knife designer Gil Hibbins and his son Wes took him under their wings to learn the art of knife making.

As his skills developed, Patrick was invited by other knife makers to study under their tutelage, including Murray Carter for high performance chef knives, and Lin Rhea, ABS Master Bladesmith, for outdoor pursuits. With valuable guidance from a welcoming and supportive knife making community, Patrick continued to hone his craft in knife making.

Patrick’s passion for making led him to the highly competitive Jewellery and Goldsmithing Skills and Design Course run by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. He was keen to embellish his knife work with gemstones, precious metals and other materials, and explore the potential for using his blade smithing skills to create jewellery. Two years later, Patrick graduated from the esteemed program and has since secured a design workshop in the Castle Yard of the Kilkenny Design Centre, regarded internationally as the heart of craft and design in Ireland, to showcase his striking works of functional art unrivalled for their innovative design, originality and beauty.

Patrick is a member of the Knife Makers Guild, and the American Bladesmith Society, a non-profit organisation of knife makers who are dedicated to promoting the techniques of forging steel blades. Patrick’s ultimate aim is to be counted among the American Bladesmith’s Society as one of their top 120 master smiths in the world.

He has achieved a number of awards including the Prestige Business Award (UK) for Best Irish Blade Smith in 2021 and 2022, the Future Makers Award 2022 from the DCCI for Professional Development Support and Best in Knife Show 2021 at the Damasteel Chef Knife Invitational. Patrick is also a Damasteel ambassador.

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